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Buy 17-Methyltestosterone Powder Online

Buy 17-Methyltestosterone Powder Online

Buy 17-Methyltestosterone Powder Online

CAS NO.: 58-18-4
EINECS NO: 200-366-3
MF: C20H30O2
MW: 302.45
Purity: 99.08%
Appearance: white powder

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Buy 17-Methyltestosterone Powder Online

Methyltestosterone, sold under the brand names Agovirin, Android, Metandren, Oreton, Testred, and Virilon among others, is a synthetic and orally active anabolic–androgenic steroid (AAS) which is used in the treatment of androgen deficiency in males and for a number of other indications. It is also used illicitly for physique- or performance-enhancing purposes by athletes and bodybuilders.


17-Methyltestosterone Certificate Of Analysis

Test ItemsSpecificationTest Results
UV spectrumPositive
IR spectrumPositive
CharacteristicsWhite to almost white crystalline powderConform
Melting point162~168℃152~166℃
Specific optical rotation+79°~ +85°+82.5°
Loss on drying≤2.0%1.1%
Related substances≤1.0%Pass
Residual solvents(GC)Acetone ≤100ppmPass
Methanol ≤100ppmPass
Pyridine ≤100ppmPass


17-Methyltestosterone Effects

Methyltestosterone is used in the treatment of low testosterone levels in men, delayed puberty in
boys, at low doses as a component of menopausal hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms like
hot flashes, osteoporosis, and low sexual desire in women, and to treat breast cancer in women. It
is taken by mouth.


17-Methyltestosterone Effects Dosage

If you’re trying to glean some aggression and sports performance from it, stick to a 40-50 mg
dosage for no more than 8 weeks.
In a therapeutic setting, 10-40 mg is perfectly fine to see most of the benefits
For females, No more than 2.5 mg


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