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Product Name: MGF
Appearance: Lyophilized White Powder
Purity: Above 98.00% +
Specification: 10mg/vial
Standard: Pharmaceutical Grade
Application Type: For Injection Usage
Storage: Store Lyophilized Protein at -20 °C
Stability: 2-3 Years
Supplying Form: Freeze-Dried Powder in Vial
Min Order: 10 vial


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Buy MGF Peptide Online

Product Name: MGF, Peg MG; Mechano Growth Factor, IGF-1EC

Purity: >98%

Molecular Formula: C121h200n42o39

Appearance: White Powder

Peptide Content(N%): 80.0% Min

ingle Impurity(HPLC): ≤0.5%

Amino Acid Composition: ±10% of theoretical

Peptide Content(N%): ≥80.0%

Water Content(Karl Fischer): ≤8.0%

MGF Peptide Introduction:

MGF (mechano growth factor) has been used by bodybuilders and athletes for a few years already. After resistance exercise, IGF-1 is released within the muscle. Specifically, at this time, immediately following the mechanical use of a muscle, the IGF-I gene is spliced towards MGF which initiates hypertrophy and repair of local muscle damage. It does so both by activating muscle stem cells and satellite cells, but also via various other anabolic processes. It differs from “regular” IGF-1 mainly due to it’s C-Terminal sequence.


In a rodent study, a single intramuscular injection into muscle resulted in a 25% increase in

mean muscle fibre cross section area within three weeks.Using a similar protocol, liver-

derived IGF-1 took four months to produce a 15% increase.


It would also appear that with regards to age, the young have a better ability to respond to

MGF, and that the elderly experience a decreased response to MGF which results in a

decreased ability to stimulate the growth of new muscle tissue.


MGF Peptide Application:

1) MGF / Mechano Growth Factor used in bodybuilding and accelerate muscle growth.

2) MGF / Mechano Growth Factor promotes wound healing


MGF Peptide Dosage:

1:A typical protocol would be:
100-300mcg of MGF divided into 1-2 bilateral administrations in 2-5 different

areas of the muscles approximately 5-7 days a week – intramuscular injections.


2:divided the dose as follows:

200mcg / 2 times per day = 100mcg per administration
100mcg per administration / 4 muscles (2 chest and 2 bicep muscles) = 25mcg per

muscle 25mcg per muscle / 3 different locations on each muscle = 8.3mcg per injection


3:Administration should not be given within 2 hours after training in order not to

reduce natural IGF-1 production.

After administering, adequate protein needs to be ingested for MGF to be effective

in building new muscle.


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