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Buy MT-45 Peptide Online


Buy MT-45 Peptide Online

Product Name: MT-45
Appearance: Lyophilized White Powder
Purity: Above 98.00% +
Specification: 10mg/vial
Standard: Pharmaceutical Grade
Application Type: For Injection Usage
Storage: Store Lyophilized Protein at -20 °C
Stability: 2-3 Years
Supplying Form: Freeze-Dried Powder in Vial
Min Order: 10 vial


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Buy MT-45 Peptide Online

Product Name:MT-45
CAS number: 41537-67-1
MF: C24H32N2
Molecular Weight:348.5243
Appearance:White powder
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade

MT-45 Peptide Introduction:
Buy MT-45 Peptide is an opioid analgesic drug.It is chemically a 1-substituted-4-(1,2-diphenylethyl)piperazine derivative, which is structurally unrelated to most other opioid drugs.
Racemic MT-45 has around 80% the potency of morphine, with almost all opioid activity residing in the (S) enantiomer.
It has been used as a lead compound from which a large family of potent opioid drugs have been developed, including full agonists, partial agonists, and antagonists at the three main opioid receptor subtypes.
Recreational use of MT-45 has been associated with hearing loss and unconsciousness

MT-45 Peptide Application:
1. Increase sexual desire and function for men and women, and minimal or no undesirable side effects.
2. Decrease body fat mass and reduce food intake, and induce skin tanning at low doses.

Peptides and Specification:

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CJC-1295 No DAC 2 mg/vialPEG-MGF 2 mg/vial
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BPC 157 5 mg/vialFollistatin 1 mg/vial


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