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Buy TB500 Peptide Online

TB500 Peptide

Buy TB500 Peptide Online

Product Name: TB500
Appearance: Lyophilized White Powder
Purity: Above 98.00% +
Specification: 10mg/vial
Standard: Pharmaceutical Grade
Application Type: For Injection Usage
Storage: Store Lyophilized Protein at -20 °C
Stability: 2-3 Years
Supplying Form: Freeze-Dried Powder in Vial
Min Order: 10 vial


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Buy TB500 Peptide Online

CAS 77591-33-4 TB500
Product Name:TB500,Thymosin beta 4 acetate
Molecular Formula:C212H350N56O78S
Molecular Weight:4963.50
Appearance : White to off-white crystalline powder or lumps
Grade:Pharmaceutical grade
Purity: 99.94%
Dosage: 2 mg

TB500 Peptide Description:
Buy TB500 Peptide is a synthetic fraction of the protein thymosin beta-4, which is present in virtually all human and animal cells. Thymosin beta-4 is a very large molecule. In fact, it is so large that it cannot fit entirely into the receptor. Different sections of the molecule have different activities. TB-500 is the part of thymosin beta-4 hormone which promotes the most useful effects (overall healing, repair, new blood and muscle cells). For medical applications it is more practical to use the TB-500 instead of the entire Thymosin Beta-4 protein.

TB500 Peptide Effect:
* The first effect of Tb500 is that it reduces inflammation.
* Second it is responsible for the activation of cells known as progenitor cells. These cells are unique in that they can assimilate with different cell types.
* Tb500 also produce protein and growth factors that promote healing.
* One of TB-500 key mechanisms of action is its ability to regulate the cell-building protein – Actin.

TB500 Peptide Function:
The main purpose of TB500 is to promote healing. It also promotes creation of new blood and muscle cells. The healing effects of TB-500 have been observed in tendons, ligaments, muscle, skin, heart, and the eyes. Thymosin beta-4 is naturally produced in higher concentration where tissue has been damaged.


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